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Fixed/Mobile External Lightning Alert

Fixed/Mobile External Lightning Alert
Fixed/Mobile External Lightning Alert
Fixed/Mobile External Lightning Alert
Fixed/Mobile External Lightning Alert
Fixed/Mobile External Lightning Alert
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For fixed outside mounting use at home or business, or for mounting on a mobile van or utility vehicle. Has visual and audible indicator, works anywhere. Used by TV ENG crews! Basic and Pro models available.
List Price: $299.99
Price: $249.00
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Product Details
Patented External Sensor Detects all kinds of lightning, including hidden in-cloud lightning directly overhead that other detectors miss!


The FMLA-1000P can be configured to run stand alone or can have an optional relay output and also an optional extra loud siren to cover wide outdoor areas and to provide two places where the alert is heard. For example the control unit can be inside, and the siren outside.  (See the picture at right to see how it all connects together.)
Perfect for Use with Utility vehicles, ENG operators, or for fixed mounting at a Ball parks, Golf Courses, Swimming Pools, Recreational Lakes, or other outdoor facilities where people gather.


Our FMLA-1000 gives early warning of approaching lightning and severe thunderstorms. The bright amber-yellow light and Sonalert Klaxon alerts you of approaching dangerous weather when lightning is detected.


This unit can be permanently installed on an antenna mast outside or on a small mast on a utility vehicle. Waterproof and rugged, its a "set and forget" device.


Two Models available

  • Basic model-Battery Powered: You get up to 2 years of continuous operation with just one standard 9-volt battery! You won't have to worry about changing batteries every week like with other lightning detectors! Or, you can power the system from your vehicle battery.
  • Pro Version-Mobile Powered:Uses 12VDC from automobile/van, plus has many extra features for audio alarm muting, opto-isolated relay output etc.
Easy to setup, even easier to use: Just mount sensor outdoors and plug it into the jack on the front of the lightning detector. Automatic system test occurs each time the sensor is plugged in, to let you know the unit is operating. Then, the unit will stay operational 24/7 and will sound the alarm automatically! A user settable temporary alarm mute is also provided on the Pro Version.


Lightning can strike people up to 15 miles away from an unseen thundercloud......this patented device can give you advance warnings up to 25 miles away of approaching storms!
Features of The FMLA-1000:
  • Detects unseen cloud-to-ground lightning. Lightning is hard to see at a distance in the daytime.
  • The alarm sounds 3 seconds for each unseen lightning flash. Severe storms cause continuous alarm. Alarm automatically resets itself after each lightning flash.
  • Loud Piezo-Electric Klaxon provides piercing 2.8 Kilohertz tone at 83dB, getting attention over background or automobile motor noise
  • Unlike other lightning detectors on the market, ours is the first to use a completely digital lightning sensor. All sensor electronics are self contained and hermetically sealed in the antenna module. A digital sensor gives more dependable early warnings!
  • Test button to allow for a manual test of audible tone and LED
  • Two year 9-volt battery life for worry-free uninterrupted operation. Automatic system test when first turned 'ON' assures you that the system is working. (note: 12VDC powered model does not use an internal battery)
  • The 25 mile range gives you plenty time to clear the area or halt operations before the storm arrives within 'striking distance'.
  • This unit warns you before you hear the thunder. You are in strike danger before you hear thunder.
  • Omnidirectional sensor detects unseen in-cloud lightning flashes from every direction, including directly overhead!
  • Warning performance and range is not affected by cold, heat, haze, fog, pollution, smog, rain, etc.
  • The external lightning sensor is hail-proof and weather-proof. It is a single self-contained unit.
  • Compact Internal Alarm box measures 4"x 4" x 4", has screw down cover with screws, and rubber gasket for moisture seal. Made of molded PVC and has four mounting holes for easy wall mount. Can easily be adapted/drilled to work with conduit if required to run cables via conduit.


    Additional features for the FMLA-1000P  Pro Version 12VDC Powered Model:
    • 12 Volt DC input jack for van power/backup power, can also be powered by External 120VAC Wall Transformer. Extremely low current draw, less than 10 milliamps in standby mode, approximately 50 milliamps peak when alert is sounded
    • 12 Volt DC power LED indicates "power good"when running on automobile/van 12VDC source
    • 12Volt DC Fuse and 12Volt DC power reversal protection
    • Mute and Unmute buttons with automatic internal reset timer (time is DIP switch settable) allows you to mute the audible alarm temporarily, but ensures that the detector audible alarm can't be permanently disabled. Internal DIP switch prevents tampering.
    • Mute Status LED shows when unit is muted.
    • Optically-Isolated (3.5 Kilovolts max voltage isolation) Open Collector Relay driver output is included on 4 pin power/relay jack. Matching plug included.
    • Mute function also silences Opto-isolated output to prevent external alarm from sounding during live shot.
    • All cable connectors are mechanically secured to prevent loss of connection due to vibration.
    • Can have an optional dry contact relay output module attached for driving alarm systems, sirens, lights, etc.
    • When the relay module is added, you can also use our super loud outdoor weatherproof siren.


    Utility Crews, ENG Crews, Golf Courses, Schools, Ball Fields, Beaches, Public Parks, Swimming Pools, Recreational Lakes, Home, or anywhere early warning of approaching lightning storms is needed.


    The FMLA-1000 is Supplied with a pole mounted Lightning Sensor and with a 50 foot cable that plugs into the front of the detector. Easy mounting with standard antenna mounting hardware (U-bolts), no special tools are needed. The cable can be cut to length and spliced as needed.
    You get 25 miles of early warning range when sensor is mounted 6-10 feet above ground.
    The -strongest- strikes can be detected up to 300 miles away when sensor is mounted 30 feet above ground!

    FMLA-1000 Basic Internal Battery Powered model includes:

    • FMLD-1000 Hermetically Sealed Weatherproof Antenna Module
    • FMLA-1000 Internal Alert Unit with Klaxon and Strike LED
    • Test Switch
    • 50' pre-wired Antenna Cable with 1/4" phono plug
    • 9-Volt Alkaline battery
    • Antenna Mounting hardware
    • Alert unit mounting screws
    • Printed User guide

    FMLA-1000P Professional 12VDC Powered model includes:

    • FMLD-1000 Hermetically Sealed Weatherproof Antenna Module
    • FMLA-1000P Internal Alert Unit with Klaxon, Strike, Mute, and Power LED's
    • Mute and Unmute Switches to silence Klaxon for user programmable mute time up to 1 hour
    • Mute programming DIP switch is settable in 5 minute increments, internal to prevent tampering.
    • Test Switch
    • Auto reset of Mute after user programmable time to prevent "forgot to turn it back on" problem
    • 3.5 Kilovolt Opto-isolated output (Open collector transistor) for driving external relays or sirens
    • 50' pre-wired Antenna Cable with 1/4" phono plug
    • 4 pin external 12VDC power/opto-isolated Open Collector Relay output jack and plug (user self wires plug provided)
    • External Fuse holder for 12VDC power protection
    • 12VDC Power reversal protection diode protects unit in the event of incorrect wiring
    • Antenna Mounting hardware
    • Printed User guide with interface schematic and application note
    Note the Pro unit can be built to "special order" with special cable lengths, External Sirens using relay output to trigger other devices, etc. Please call our tech line at 530-899-8434 for any special needs you may have.


      Instruction Manual (.PDF files require Adobe Reader)
          FMLA-1000 and FMLA-1000P

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