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La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor

La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor
La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor
La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor
La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor
La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor
La Crosse Alerts Add-on Sensor
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Add-On Temperature, Humidity & Wetness Sensors for La Crosse Alerts Mobile Systems
List Price: $45.95
Price: $29.95
You Save: $16.00 (35%)
  • La Crosse Alerts Options:
Product Details

Monitor Additional Areas with Add-on Wireless Sensors

The La Crosse Alerts Mobile gateways (sold in complete kits) support up to 5 sensors per device. Select additional sensors and probes here to expand your monitoring capabilities.

Use a smartphone, tablet or computer to remotely monitor temperature and humidity levels that affect your home, business, vacation home or rentals. Protect your property. Prevent frozen pipes, mold growth and food spoilage. Monitor indoor temperature, humidity and check for leaks with your existing La Crosse Alerts Mobile System. Receive e-mail and text alerts for temperature and humidity readings outside of your parameters, connection loss and low battery charge.


  • Home, business, rentals and vacation homes
  • Basements, garages, and attics
  • Food storage and sensitive electronics
  • Greenhouses, pet care and much more


  • Measures ambient air temperature and humidity, wetness (water leaks), or both.
  • Sensor LCD toggles temperature and humidity.
  • Add up to 5 sensors (sold separately) per gateway.
  • Wall hanging or free standing weather resistant case.
  • The gateway (sold separately) connects to an existing router to upload measurements to lacrossealertsmobile.com* for remote monitoring and alerts.
  • 3 month trial subscription of alerts and enhanced service included. Basic services are free-of-charge.

* La Crosse Alerts Gateway (and internet connection, network router) required, not included.


  • La Crosse Alerts™ Add-on/Replacement Sensor
  • Mounting Hardware
  • Probe Options:
    (choose corresponding probe(s) when ordering)
    • No Probe
    • 6' Dry Probe
    • 6' Wet Probe
    • 6' Threaded Wet Probe (used in Hot Tub Kits)
      Stainless Steel, 1/8” Fine Pipe Thread
    • Leak/Wetness Sensor
  • User Manual


-40°F to 140°F
3% to 99% (%RH)
Wireless Sensor Range:
Transmits to gateway in 200' range
Power Requirements:
2 "AAA" Alkaline batteries
1.44" L x 0.76" W x 5.73" H


Support Info:


Temperature/Humidity Add-on Sensor Manual Water Leak Detector Add-on Sensor Manual

If you're having troubles with this device, contact support at 530-899-8434, or send an e-mail to info@weathershop.com.


Includes 1 year warranty.

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