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Rotor (Cups) & Shaft Kit

Rotor (Cups) & Shaft Kit
Rotor (Cups) & Shaft Kit
Brand: Inspeed
Replacement/Spare wind cups for Vortex anemometers. Includes rotor, shaft, and circlips.
Price: $14.00
Availability: Typically ships within 10 days
Product Details

Anemometer Rotor (Cups) & Shaft

We recommend a spare rotor so that you can repair your Storm Chaser in the field if the rotor is struck by an object and/or a cup breaks off. Includes rotor, shaft, and circlip. Takes minutes to replace/install. Small Phillips head screw driver required (not included).


  • Rotor
  • Shaft
  • Circlips

NOTE: The Inspeed "Classic" (Vortex) anemometer body is round and straight - and has a slightly shorter shaft than the "Narrow Neck" body of the new HD (Vortex II) series of Inspeed anemometers. Please be sure to select the right body style to ensure that you get the proper shaft.


Material (Plastic Rotors):
Material (Metal Rotors)


Support Info:

If you're having troubles with this device, contact support at 530-899-8434, or send an e-mail to info@weathershop.com.

Includes 1 year warranty from the manufacturer.

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