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Weather View 32 Software

Weather View 32 Software
Weather View 32 Software
Weather View 32 Software
Weather View 32 Software
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The Ultimate Weather Station software. Monitor your weather instruments data in real-time with fully customizable displays! Internet ready! Used by leading companies and informed enthusiasts.
List Price: $64.99
Price: $49.99
You Save: $15.00 (23%)
Non-shipping item: download instructions will be sent via email when your order is processed.
Product Details
Used by Universities, Television Stations, Cable TV, private
and professional meteorologists around the world!
Home, Professional, Broadcast, and Client/Server Versions Available!
The Ultimate in Real-time Weather Station Monitoring with Internet Support!
WeatherView32 allows owners of weather stations equipped with RS-232 Serial Ports to connect to their Internet access enabled Win NT 4.0+, 2000, XP, Vista or Windows 7 computer. All you need is a place to store your web page and access to the Internet via an ISP dialup, ISDN, or dedicated connection. Weather View32 will also display the current weather data on the users monitor and store collected data to disk for use in the graphing and reporting features of Weather View.
A "stationless" version also exists for displaying METAR data from the National Weather Service public domain FTP site.
Home Edition
Simple to use version for individual interested in acquiring and storing their weather station's data. Real-time weather related features fully enabled. 1 user configured real-time monitoring screen. Radar, forecasts, satellite images, and computer model data available via internet. Reports and graphs. Historical climate data for 8200 U.S. locations.
Available for: Davis Weather Monitor II, Weather Wizard III, Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro 2; Peet Brothers Ultimeter; Radio Shack WX-200, Wireless, Oregon Scientific WM-918 / WMR-918 / WMR-968, WMR-928N, Rainwise WS-2000/MKIII.
Preferred by users who simply want to view their current weather data and create a database of their weather data.
Professional Edition
$99.99 to $249.99
All the features of the Home Edition as well as able to upload/download from the internet as often as every five minutes. Publish weather data on the internet as images and/or html pages. Download METAR data, satellite images, web cam images, and text forecasts. All features enabled. Animate satellite images. Alarms via numeric page or email. Email current data at specified times daily. And much, much more.
Available for Capricorn II and II+, Capricorn 2000, Davis Weather Monitor II/Weather Wizard III, Davis Vantage Pro and Vantage Pro 2, Peet Brothers Ultimeter, Radio Shack WX-200, Radio Shack Wireless, Oregon Scientific WM-918 / WMR-918 / WMR-968, WMR-928N, WeatherMax, RainWise WS-2000 and MKIII, Texas Weather Instruments One Wire stations, and all Texas Weather Instruments weather stations.
Preferred by business users, corporate users, public entities, universities, weather professionals and weather enthusiasts.
Multiple Stations
Weather View 32 has the capability to support up to 50 weather stations from a single computer. This is an additional cost feature. One at a time, each of the 50 stations can be selected from a menu choice to be viewed in real-time (usually on systems with lots of serial to IP converters via net, though it used to be networks of weather stations via dial modems). WV32 can poll and store the data on an automated schedule from all available sites, but just the data is collected for later reporting/graphing. Contact us for details.
Used by corporate users where a number of the exact same weather station is installed.
No physical station required. This edition allows you to retrieve all Non Station Dependent data such as METAR data and satellite images.
$499/unlimited license
Access the current, real-time data on multiple computers. This product requires a PC running Professional Edition directly connected to the weather station. In addition Weather View 32 Client enables the user to obtain data from any workstation on a network which has Weather View 32 installed and active on the server. If you did not know you were on a network, the client machine users would think they were directly connected to the weather station. All features except editing of the Weather View 32 databases and a few internet related items are enabled.
This edition is widely used by schools, corporate installations and municipalities. Several municipalities in Florida and Tornado Valley use this product so that many of their users can have the current weather data available at the same time.
A special version of Weather View 32, Weather View 32 Broadcast is available for customers who desire to provide weather data via cable, TV, and other means of video transmission. Weather View 32 Broadcast can create true broadcast quality images. This version has the ability to display up to 100 user defined slides, each of which can be either a weather View screen configuration or a image file you have provided. Extensive transition effects between slides is included. Contact ITWorks directly for information on this version.
This edition is used by cable television stations, in closed circuit televisions at resorts and hotels, and as the ultimate visual weather product by weather enthusiasts.


System Requirements

  • Windows operating system: NT 4.0+, 2000, XP, Vista, or Windows 7
  • 1ghz + Processor
  • 512mb RAM
  • CD-ROM Drive or fast internet connection to download
  • RS232 Compatible COM Port (or USB port with USB to Serial adapter). HoneyWell stations are directly supported via USB.
  • Joystick port, if manualslide show advance feature will be used.
  • Mouse
  • 120 MB Free Hard Disk space + 50 MB per year
  • Modem (for dial-up internet installations)

Features available in BOTH the HOME and PROFESSIONAL Versions unless otherwise indicated:

¹ indicates the feature is partially supported in home version, if at all

² indicates the feature is ONLY available in the Professional Version

  • Store all weather station data with 1 minute resolution and separate database for daily max/mins, limited only by the storage space of computer.
  • Telephone and email support. (Contact us.)
  • Climatological data for more than 8,000 locations with daily record data and daily averages for temperature, rainfall, and snowfall.
  • Sunrise/Sunset, Moonrise/Moonset/Moonphase plus other astronomical data.
  • Evapotranspiration calculated for stations with necessary sensors.
  • Supports most weather station's Data Loggers.
  • Up to 6 unique alarm configurations are supported by Weather View 32. The alarms can use any combination of the following notification methods: audible alarm, numeric pager, alphanumeric pager, and email with completely unique alarm criteria.¹
  • Data translator version: Any Weather Station, Data Translator or Data Logger that can be programmed to provide fixed length streaming ASCII or comma delimited output of weather data via RS-232 is supported through a user defined interface. Call for more info on this version of Weather View 32.²


  • Customize Weather View 32 to the sensors installed on the weather station.
  • Set displayed units of measure regardless of weather station settings.
  • Change the name displayed for any sensor.
  • For stations with multiple temperature and humidity sensors: user may set which temp./hum. combo is used to calculate wind chill, dew point, and heat index.
  • Supports serial/COM ports 1 - 8 and USB-to-serial converters assigned to ports 1 - 8.
  • Ability to connect to weather station using modem
  • Calendar year and water year rainfall defined by user
  • User defined degree day heating and cooling base
  • Ability to automatically monitor weather following re-boot of computer without user intervention
  • Allows user to back-up, restore and delete weather database
  • Tool to repair corrupted database
  • Set rainfall offsets for rainfall data missing from database

Display: Your imagination is the only limit when designing the real-time monitoring display screen. Drag and drop placement of objects, alignment grid, object snap to, and other features make designing a custom display intuitive and fast. There are no limits on the number of screens you can create and save for later use. Weather data is updated as fast as weather station allows. This is generally every 1-2 seconds. This is great for watching a storm in real-time. If you have placed a real-time scrolling wind speed graph on the display, every wind reading received from the weather station will be plotted and displayed as a moving strip chart! Up to 100 screens may be configured for upload to an FTP server for inclusion in web pages. See Internet Features.

  • User editable weather interface.
  • Customizable screen properties including: snap-to positioning, tool tips, add/remove to menu bars, status bar, and title bar.
  • Apply images or solid colors to background of real-time weather display.
  • Ability to lock display so that objects cannot be moved inadvertently on real-time weather display.
  • Nearly unlimited text appearance options for real-time weather monitoring screen.
  • Objects/text are transparently placed on real-time weather monitoring screen.
  • Multiple types of text objects for real-time weather display.¹
  • Add trend and scrolling wind speed graphs to real-time weather display.¹
  • Add realistic digitized thermometer to screen.¹
  • Add user defined image (maybe a webcam?).²
  • Multiple pre-designed real-time weather screens. The Professional version allows for the use of 5 screens and the professional version has an additional 95 screens available for user design.²
  • Add images retrieved via HTTP image retrieval to screen, which is detailed in the internet section below.²
  • Add text files retrieved via HTTP text file retrieval to screen, which is detailed in the internet section below.²
  • Wind Run/Wind Rose (Vector Winds).²
  • METAR weather icon.²
  • METAR direction indicator.²
  • Lightning detection object (this option is available on selected Texas Weather Stations ONLY).²
  • Moon phase object.²



¹ indicates the feature is partially supported in home version, if at all

² indicates the feature is ONLY available in the Professional Version

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